The Roommate Agreement

Below, you shall find a copy of our official “Roommate Agreement.” I have included this for context and for future reference. All six of us “agreed” to abide by these rules; however, the effectiveness of this agreement is frankly quite debatable.


one does not


Everyone will use the shower caddy system (i.e. don’t leave stuff cluttering up bathrooms). This way people can use whatever bathroom is open freely!

Public Spaces

Please leave the bathrooms, kitchen, and living room the way you found it so it’s neat and tidy for the next person! These spaces are for everyone 🙂

clean all


If it’s not yours then don’t eat/drink it. Unless someone said, “Help yourself!” then go for it!

Friends/Guests/Visitors (*Depends on the situation*)

Sunday-Thursday → 3 or more people after 9:00pm must be run by roommates.

Friday-Saturday → 3 or more people after Midnight must be run by roommates.

This is especially important with regard to overnight guests who are sleeping in the common area/living room.

5 or more people invited? Give roommates at least 3 days notice.

Bills, Bills, Bills


As far as rent is concerned, individual roommates are responsible for working with **** and establishing a system for paying her that works best for them (check, cash, money order, etc… )


Each month, the point person assigned to each utility is responsible for collecting and paying their respective bill. For example, **** is electric and is responsible for collecting payment from roommates and paying the bill.

In order to give us a safe grace period, everyone must give the point person their payment at least one week before the bill is due. For example, if the bill is due January 8th the point person should have everyone’s payment by January 1st.

This is so we have plenty of time to collect and post the bill in a timely manner.



Do not go into someone else’s room without their permission. This seems like common sense, but it’s extremely important for everyone’s comfort and privacy!


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