The Strike

Congratulations are in order. It’s official. Meg and Belle are on strike.


After months of being the only two taking out the trash/recycling (including emptying barrels, dragging barrels to and from curb), replenishing paper goods supplies (toilet paper, paper towels, etc…), and furnishing community spaces with other essentials we have both banded together and decided it’s time the other princesses step up and pitch in.

Let’s call it a social experiment of sorts.

We’ve tried taking a step back in the past, but have become so bothered by the disgusting messes that we’ve caved and ended up doing ALL THE THINGS. Because apparently overflowing barrels, lack of paper goods, and general untidiness only bothers the two of us.


Not this time. We will not cave. We will be resilient!!

I wish I could say I had faith in the others to know how to take out the trash and clean up, but honestly I’m not getting my hopes up.


~ Meg


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