Are we princesses, or elephants?

123456#7 (1).jpeg

Goodness gracious….

Guys. It’s a mouse not an alligator.

At this point Belle and I are beyond the point of disbelief at the immaturity and just want people to act like adults. Or pretend to. Fake it. We’re not picky. Just don’t overreact over stupid nonsense.

Then again. Some of these people clearly grew up with their parents sheltering them from the horrors of cleaning their own dishes, turning off the lights, and wiping down the sink. So I guess the fact that they had to see a common, nondescript pest with their own two eyes was a little traumatic for them.

And not for nothing, but pretending you’re on MasterChef and leaving dirty dishes in both sides of the sink for several days after your culinary experiments isn’t exactly keeping the pests away. Just saying.



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