Shower Caddy?

Belle: *walks into upstairs bathroom*

Belle: *sees Snow White’s products all over the counter and sink*

Belle: *instant rage, tempted to flip a table*

Belle: *grabs market basket bag. aggressively shoves all products into bag. ties bag in bow. leaves bag outside bathroom door.*

Belle: *showers in peace*

Belle: *goes downstairs after cleaning up after herself*

Snow White: *speaks in high pitched voice reminiscent of Professor Umbridge*
“Oh! I’m sorry, I’ve been meaning to star using a shower caddy! It has been just me and       Meg here, so I didn’t think I needed to yet. But, don’t worry! I’ll start using one!”

Belle: *showing great self restraint* “Oh! That’s okay, I moved everything for you while I was cleaning! Your stuff is in a bag outside the bathroom door!”

Belle: *exits to bedroom*

Belle: *smug, cheshire cat smile*